Tuesday, March 04, 2014

My Head is Spinning

We are in such a weird place right now.  I have a 10th grader....a sophomore.  When I was a sophomore I was picking out my class ring and signing up for driver's training ( I think....was I really getting my license?  I don't think so.)  Anyhow, my kids are at an "IB" school.  This means they earn their HS diploma this year and work on college credits for the next two.  So, before we even know for sure if we can get into college, we are prepping for AP exams because apparently not only do we get IB credits for college we can get AP credits, also. 

We (and by we I mean that I am nagging and he is working) are also working on the personal project that is due very soon.  My child has been turning a 90's style computer monitor into a fish tank, has been keeping a "process" journal, and begins his 20 page paper which is due next week.  We are planning for the 150 service hours, creative hours, and active hours (that's 150 hours each) that need to be completed by senior year and can't be done only over the summer but worked on each month.  We also need to begin thinking of our big senior project which takes the entire summer between junior and senior year and 1/2 the school year.  Life is sooooooo busy right now.  We had to pick the college track we're on and get ready to declare which classes we are going to take at a higher level (minimum of 3).  My oldest chick will be off to flying soon.  Major changes are coming.  I saw this quote that sort of sums it up, "You are going to live a good and long life filled with great and terrible moments that you cannot even imagine yet."


Peg-mom said...

Seems like just a few minutes ago that you & Shane got married! So --- HOW can your boy be at this stage already!??!?!?!