Monday, August 19, 2013

It's THAT Day, Again

Today is that day I've been dreading........ultrasound check day.  What if they find something?  On the other hand, it's also the day I go closet/drawer diving to find my lowest cut top......which does give me a chuckle every time.  Unfortunately, after the good doc and I get all friendly around my neck and stuff it's off to registration for the oldest today.  Youngest is tomorrow.  We finally get to see their new to them school.  It's only 3x as big as the old school, so there is the worry of trying to get around.  Can you actually find classes in the 5 minutes between classes?  And why is Tim's mom showing off her ta-tas to every sophomore in sight? 

Tim will be driving us to registration today.  I actually saw my husband flinch for possibly the first time ever in our married life.  The new soc card came on Friday so on Sat they were off to the Sec of State for the "Level 1 License".  As they were heading off to Shane's car (a stick), I said.....don't you all want to take the van?  It took a minute for it to click in Tim's mind and I'm pretty sure Shane mouthed an "I hate you" at me as he contemplated Tim negotiating our city's busiest street along with 2 highways.  It was completely worth it.  They drove off in the van.  I'm pretty sure I heard Shane blasting "Evil Woman" from the speakers as they left. 


Pegmom said...

Here's to a perfect outcome on your ultrasound!