Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bob-fest 2013

Once again I am going to stress that this blog is my reflection of events and may be changed for comedic reaction.

Tomorrow we are all off to Bob-fest.  An event that has been one year in the making.  An event that all I was going to have to do (a year ago) is come down with the family and be prepared to help.  All the plastic tubs on my porch say different, however.  I'm pretty sure we're up to taking both vehicles and I'm beginning to wonder if we should have rented a U-Haul. 

Bob-fest is a 3 day extravaganza celebrating all things Bob.  Bob is my dad and he is turning 70 this year.  My family has this thing for throwing surprise parties.  It's been a while since the last one...and I think it was for my grandpa.  Stories have had to be invented.  A couple near misses have taken place and now we are sooooo very close to pulling off the actual event.  A few weeks ago I got a frantic call from my mom.  She had surgery on her foot, but had finally gotten the okay to begin to get back to normal.  This caused my dad to pull out the atlas and begin planning a trip for his birthday weekend.  This caused me to have to make a call explaining how tired we were of the big city and needed to spend a long weekend away relaxing at the lake and wouldn't it be perfect if we did this over his birthday weekend so we could celebrate with him. 

I have been creating garlands, posters, slide shows, music for slide shows, getting food......I have made pinwheels until I've wanted to throw up....the same with all things "70", I've learned to make round pinwheels, I've been shopping for decorations and I have made more posters this year than I have since I quit being paid to teach.  I have single handily kept the scrap book paper business in business.  I have visited every store on my "main drag" that has or might have something party related in the official party colors.  I have created things I didn't know I could create on the computer.  The craft store people can call me by name.

It's time to get this party rolling.  Friday my mom and her pal are off to pick up all the food that has been ordered.  My dad and his pal are off to sight see.  My sister and I and our families (the slave labor force) will begin to set up and decorate.  Hopefully we will get most of this done before the motor home friends begin arriving.  Originally they were going to camp out at my parents' house, but then it was pointed out that in summer, electricity might be desired.   So they will be camping in a near by camp ground and secretly arriving for supper.  Saturday the motor home friends will again arrive and that part of the surprise will be over.  What he doesn't realize is that the extended family will be arriving Saturday evening for a yummy dinner and fun.  Sunday morning we see the motor home friends off with breakfast and begin the cleanup.  My mom has convinced the neighbors across the road (in their old house) that they should not come up this weekend and I plan on spending Sunday afternoon floating in the lake with my kindle.  Then we pack up and head home.  A whirl-wind weekend with lots of fun and surprises......bonfires, "drive-in" movies, slide shows, yard games, and lots of fun teasing.....oh and food....lots and lots of yummy food.


Pegmom said...

That is so great that you are all doing this for your dad's 70th! Please wish him a big Happy Birthday from Duane & Peg...